Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Development and Alumni Engagement Office do?

Our office at UBC’s Okanagan campus builds partnerships that enhance the quality of the university’s teaching and learning environment and create new opportunities for students and researchers. Our team of fundraisers, coordinators, researchers, and writers works with individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations, and other friends to promote the funding of initiatives that help to create a richer academic experience, and to develop unique opportunities for engagement and community involvement.

What do you fundraise for?

Donations to UBC help students achieve excellence, encourage knowledge and discovery, and support teaching and learning. Our fundraising priorities include:

Isn’t government support enough?

Federal and provincial governments contribute generously to UBC but, around the globe, outstanding universities require more resources than governments are able to provide. We rely on the vision and generosity of donors whose gifts enrich the academic experience by means of student awards, research opportunities, and the creation and expansion of facilities.

What kind of donors do you work with?

Our donors include alumni, individuals of diverse backgrounds, local, provincial, and national businesses and corporations, foundations, and other friends. Every relationship and every gift is important to us and is vital in helping to transform UBC’s Okanagan campus into a community of excellence, for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, and the broader community.

What is the value of UBC’s Okanagan campus to the local community?

Local students can now stay closer to home to access a world-class university education. We are creating: new jobs; new research initiatives that will benefit local communities; a range of social benefits that include community service learning opportunities; health, cultural, and performing arts programming; and a diverse cultural environment in which our students, faculty, and staff can flourish and grow. UBC’s Okanagan campus is also an economic driver in the region, helping to attract new talent, to enrich cultural life, and to transform the region’s economy. The economic impact of the Okanagan campus is estimated at $1.5 billion annually.

Why donate to the university now?

Exceptional universities enrich the communities of which they are a part, local and global. Donations to the Okanagan campus will help create an environment that attracts the very best faculty and scholars. They will help: qualified students to be able afford to attend university; promote groundbreaking research; build innovative facilities; and aid in the growth of the campus into a community of excellence that benefits all members of it, near and far. Your gift today will create the foundation on which we build for the future.

How do I combine my interests with those of UBC?

Should you wish to support UBC’s Okanagan campus, one of our team members will be happy to speak with you, or to meet with you, to determine your area(s) of interest and make sure your gift is recognized in an appropriate manner. If your interest lies in the area of alumni engagement, we would likewise be happy to speak with you or direct you to more information. Meanwhile, please explore us online for information on our various activities.