Chairs and Professorships

Faculty Recruitment

To attract new faculty members and to retain current faculty, UBC’s Okanagan campus seeks to establish chairs and professorships. A chair allows for the appointment of an established scholar, usually a professor. Chairs are fully funded by the donor, and cover salary and research costs. Donors may designate chairs either as general university chairs, or as chairs in a specific department. A professorship is held by a UBC Okanagan professor. The University funds the cost of the salary, while the professorship covers both salary incentives and research support. Professorships are the fundraising priority for some faculties, which seek to attract the best possible teachers and researchers. Chairs and professorships provide opportunities for outstanding teachers and researchers to focus in particular areas of interest. For example, a family may wish to fund a position focusing on heart disease, Canadian literature, or any other area, in memory or honour of a loved one.

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