Scholarships and Bursaries

UBC supporters have provided generations of students with aid in the form of scholarships, bursaries, and other awards. Our alumni are scientists and athletes, artists and executives: people who fill the ranks of every industry and profession, making significant contributions to the communities they live in. Student awards made many of their accomplishments possible. Additional award funding is always needed. With the costs of education rising and the numbers of students growing, UBC has made a commitment to students-that no qualified person be denied a UBC education based on financial ability to pay. The University offers a variety of options for gifts to awards. Donors may choose to:
  • Contribute to existing award endowments or to establish new awards.
  • Fund an award on an annual basis or endow an award in perpetuity.
  • Designate the type of award, whether academic merit-based, need-based, or activity-based.
  • Leave the award completely open, or designate it for undergraduate or graduate students.
  • Designate a faculty, school, degree program or major area of study for award support.
  • Establish an award during their lifetime or provide a bequest in their wills to provide for an award in the future.
If you wish to establish an award, the Development Office can help facilitate the process.