External Awards

External awards are scholarships, bursaries, fellowships, or prizes administered entirely by individuals or organizations outside The University of British Columbia. External award donors manage most aspects of such funding, including advertising, the establishment of award criteria, printing and distributing applications, the evaluation of candidates, winner selection, and the accounting of award monies. External donors can disburse funds in one of two ways:
  1. Funds may be forwarded directly to award recipients, with donors fulfilling Canada Customs and Revenue requirements for tax reporting themselves; OR
  2. When the recipient is registered at UBC, donors have the option of forwarding award funds through the University.
In the latter case, cheques should be made payable to UBC, so that funds can be released to students through their UBC accounts by the Awards Office. The University disburses external awards in accordance with payment plans, which apply to internally administered UBC awards. All payments are applied first to outstanding tuition and student fees as of the disbursement date. Any funds remaining after these fees are paid are issued to the student in the form of a cheque. The University will issue to the student the appropriate tax information slips (T4A’s) required by Canada Customs and Revenue. With external awards, the University has little or no input to the selection of award recipients. Therefore, funds for these awards are not considered charitable donations and tax receipts are not issued to the donor. External awards do not require formal approval by Senate but must meet standard guidelines. Presently no administrative fee is charged, however, the University reserves the right, in the future, to recover administrative costs related to the handling of external awards. Donors may wish to develop an award description for distribution to potential applicants, which includes the name and address of the contact person and organization, as well as a brief outline of the selection criteria, award value, and the application process. If the donor so desires, a copy of this description can be forwarded to UBC for reference. For further information pleaseĀ Contact Us.