Reports to Award Donors

If an award contact is designated by the donor(s), that person will be informed of the recipients of the award(s) and will be contacted at least once annually concerning the award’s administration.

Endowed Award Fund Status Reports

Each autumn, the University mails a summary report for each endowed award to the designated donor contact. In addition to confirming contact information and the wording of the published award description, the report details the financial activity in the endowment account over the past fiscal year (April 1 to March 31).

Annual Award Confirmations

Designated donor contacts of annually funded awards receive confirmation forms each fall through which the University not only confirms contact information and the published award description, but also asks donors to re-confirm their financial support for the award in the coming year.

Notices of Award Assignment

Designated donor contacts of both endowed and annually funded awards receive written notification of the name(s) and address(es) of award recipients shortly after their awards are adjudicated. The recipients are, in turn, given the mailing address of the designated donor contact along with a request that they write an appropriate thank you letter.

Questions or Concerns

Donors who have questions or concerns about their UBC awards are welcome to contact Development Office staff throughout the year. For more information, pleaseĀ Contact Us.