Terms and Conditions of Awards

Award Terms

Although university staff make every effort to incorporate donors’ wishes into the terms of their awards, we must adhere to the University’s awards policy (see right).

Designating a Discipline or Area of Study

Donors may designate an award to a:
  • faculty
  • school
  • degree program
  • year of study
  • major or specialization
The donor may also stipulate other criteria, such as whether the award is for graduate or undergraduate study, or open to both levels. Award criteria must, however, be consistent with UBC’s academic structure and be sufficiently open that an annual population of potential candidates can be identified who qualify for the award. Awards that are too narrowly defined will have difficulty attracting applicants and therefore may seldom be awarded. A development officer will help you define the parameters of the award.

Administrative Concerns

Award terms must be practical for the University to administer and should not include elements which entail substantial extra costs for award adjudication and disbursement. Awards should include a financial benefit for students. New non-monetary awards (plaques, certificates, medals, etc.) are no longer accepted by the University unless they include a cash component of $500 or greater for disbursement to the award winner. The University only accepts new awards designated for students registered at The University of British Columbia Okanagan.